Friday, 4 September 2009

The Never Ending Story for the Queen of Pop

That's right, she's BACK! The Queen of Pop, our Madonna, reigns again. And no, I am not kidding....

So she's 51, should that spell the end of her career? Many might think so but I am here to stand up for all women and say that age should bare no relevance if talent still prevails and jeez, when it comes to Madge it clearly does.

In her latest music video, Celebrando we see her dancing like a twenty something with nothing more than a mini dress and knee high boots! Does it work? Of course it does. Supported by a fabulous group of dancers, Madge sings or should I say talks in that provocative manner which would get even my goldfish to stand to attention!

So there it is, a perfect demonstration that age is nothing more that a number. If you feel alive and if you feel free, in the words of Madonna, "Come join the party."