Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reincarnation....Shakira the she wolf

Where to begin.

So we all know Shakira for the fiery Latino she is but if it's humanly possible her latest track 'She Wolf' or 'La Loba' demonstrates a sexiness that would surpass any previous ideals we may have held.

After obsessing about her return to the music scene with fervent memories of previous material including 'Hips Don't Lie' and 'La Tortura', I suppose I had an exceedingly high expectation. But then again, don't you think high expectations are necessary to drive success? (Maybe that's just me) Fortunately in this case, my line of thought paid off.

Not only are the lyrics incessantly catchy but they actually hold significant meaning unlike other chart toppers which speak of: bitches, Ho's and million dollar bills! She Wolf is about the sexual repression of women and the desires they have to move past this age old concept into a sphere of sexual liberation and fulfilment.

With her ever engaging strength and sensuality, Shakira is most certainly back with us. For those of you who knew her before, I'm sure you will be happy to see that the dance sequences in this video are reminiscent of those in Beautiful Liar, the duet she did with Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce.

If I had to find one criticism and in honesty I only have one, it would be that the Colombian beauty has lost too much weight. The hips that we once knew seem to have vanished somewhere along line making me feel somewhat uneasy. Lets not forget, it was those hips and curvy outline that once separated her from others.

At the end of the day I'm not here to judge her physical appearance; this is a music blog after all. So lets get back to the matter in hand, if you're looking for an artist with undeniable talent and originality, it's Shakira(the she wolf).

Here's to her reincarnation, let her new album be every bit as worthy as this single.