Sunday, 7 February 2010

Love is pain in the sultry world of Michael Buble

Canadian heartthrob Michael Bublé is back and ladies he's about to break your heart in to a thousand pieces.

The jazz singer who originally made his mark with covers spanning Sinatra to Eric Clapton has recently released a new album. Loaded with classic covers and an array of fresh material it doesn't disappoint.

With Valentine’s Day drawing imminently closer, I am noticing more and more the induction of slushy love album purchases. The sad thing is that on any other day of the year such music would stimulate the gag reflex rather than the 'I love you' one.

Most of the time we can all agree that love is pain but on Valentine’s Day society at large feels obliged to listen to music which romanticises the concept.

Instead of doing that I want to present Cry Me A River, a song from Bublé's latest album which reflects for me the more obvious reality of this thing we call love.

With its dramatic big band beats and venge seeking lyrics it all at once encapsulates the notion of love that exists for many of us today. This however is by no means something to be ashamed of. In fact I believe it may have been Bublé's very own love traumas which propelled him from the boy we knew before to the man that stands before us now and let me say he's quite a man!

So for those of you in a relationship or no relationship at all stop being pressured to meet the fantasy love of those Valentine’s playlists and remember a little heartache might not be such a bad thing after all.

Listen to Cry Me A River: