Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ooh Delilah!

Its been a while since I last wrote. Excuse- I simply haven't heard anything remotely worthy of recognition. At least that was the case until this August. Queue Delilah, and her debut album From the Roots Up.

Now to place Delilah in one singular category would be both inaccurate and restrictive. And what good would it do anyway? I like many others, appreciate that current music is not so black and white; a feature to be thankful for. Fusing different styles as happens in fashion, can produce something quite striking as is the case here.

Delilah is not just a Dubstep, Garage, or Blues artist but a combination of all three. Whether you keep her voice in the background or crank it up, the sound is equally convincing.

What I've come to understand about music lately is that an artist will not stand out for their good looks or album artwork alone. Today's society wants something more, provocation. And this singer-songwriter will do just that. From the sultry tone of her voice and longing of lyrics, to the dramatic visual manifestations of her art, Delilah will inevitably make you go 'OOH'.   

Listen now