Monday, 22 March 2010

A fierce fail for Video Phone

Upon hearing that the two most influential female artists of the moment had collaborated on a piece I felt all at once sick and excited. Unfortunately, short of Tarantino-esq visuals and multiple identity changes, Video Phone by Beyonce (ft Lady Gaga) falls short musically.

What starts out as a curious fusion of electro and hip-hop soon becomes a monotonous drone. While the lyrics as I interpret them boarder on meaningless, something quite rare for both performers.

Each with singing, playing and composition ability marked by the numerous musical accolades to their names, I like many other fans expected something exceptional from these two.

I can only hope that this track was a minor glitch in the musical history of Beyonce/Gaga-ville and that forthcoming material will again bring to forefront their musical talent, which needs only to be heard and not viewed.

Listen to Video Phone