Monday, 13 September 2010

It’s the little things for Bruno Mars

Listening to Bruno Mars’ debut single Just The Way You Are I can only but wonder if we as a society have gotten lost somewhere along the way.

What do I mean by lost? I’m referring to our inherent lack of appreciation for the simple things. The result of which is a plaguing dissatisfaction, either with ourselves and/or others.

With images of the ideal being thrust upon us night and day, can we blame ourselves for continually seeking more?

Perhaps not. But then again how do we expect to find and enjoy the elusive ‘more to life’ when we have stopped valuing the simplest of things which were necessary for their inception?

What’s needed is to get back to basics, unveil the senses and receive things as if it were the first time. Perhaps then and only then we will realize what’s right in front of us; something or somebody amazing just the way they are!

Listen to Just The Way You Are:

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The dark side of love for Florence Welch

It's festival time again and that can only mean one thing, a season of great music is upon us.

Now seeing that I will not have the opportunity to frequent any of these musical feasts, I have decided to write about a band which inspires festival spirit at its most toxic-Florence and the Machine.

The band's seventh and final single-Cosmic Love- from album Lungs is set for release July 5th, 2010. It is in my opinion the most magical track to emerge from this eclectic group.

Interpreting the lyrics, vocalist Florence Welch admitted that the track relates being in love to falling into darkness; almost voluntarily blinding yourself.

Not having been in love myself, I realise I cannot speak authoritatively on the subject. However, if I were to hazard a guess at what love might incite, I could bet that elements of uncontrollability and devastation-as are prominent in the song's lyrics-would surely feature.

Still unsure of what Florence means? Think Stephenie Meyer's vampire character Edward Cullen and his love obsession, the mere mortal Bella Swan.

Although the lyrics may seem a little heavy for some, the accompaniment of hypnotic harp strings and pounding drums ensure that you never feel downbeat.

If that wasn't enough to convince you of the song's power, look no further than its art house style video. Between a light-up dress, mirrored walls and fallen leaves, it is eccentricity at its best!       

Listen to Cosmic Love:

Friday, 11 June 2010

Kylie Minogue= 5'1" of feel good factor

It is no secret that I have never been a steadfast fan of Miss Minogue but her latest single All The Lovers, from upcoming album Aphrodite may have thrown my seemingly black and white opinion of her into disarray.

The simple fact is that after twenty years in the business her music can still rival those half her age and her perfectly sculpted body is well, perfect.

The track itself  underlines the Aussie's undiminishing presence as key player in the pop arena, whilst allowing for growth in alternate genres with the incorporation of electronic even trance like beats. The lyrics, touchy feely as they may be, are nonetheless irritatingly catchy inciting an air of change, hope and expectation.

As for the video, it's like stepping into a collaborative ad between GAP and Dove where age, gender, race and religion are neither here nor there. Regardless of its somewhat fantastical aspect; a naked human pyramid which stands swaying in downtown LA, an inflatable flying elephant and a galloping white horse this video is as real as it is raw and as such unmissable.

Listen now to All The Lovers:


Monday, 22 March 2010

A fierce fail for Video Phone

Upon hearing that the two most influential female artists of the moment had collaborated on a piece I felt all at once sick and excited. Unfortunately, short of Tarantino-esq visuals and multiple identity changes, Video Phone by Beyonce (ft Lady Gaga) falls short musically.

What starts out as a curious fusion of electro and hip-hop soon becomes a monotonous drone. While the lyrics as I interpret them boarder on meaningless, something quite rare for both performers.

Each with singing, playing and composition ability marked by the numerous musical accolades to their names, I like many other fans expected something exceptional from these two.

I can only hope that this track was a minor glitch in the musical history of Beyonce/Gaga-ville and that forthcoming material will again bring to forefront their musical talent, which needs only to be heard and not viewed.

Listen to Video Phone

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Love is pain in the sultry world of Michael Buble

Canadian heartthrob Michael Bublé is back and ladies he's about to break your heart in to a thousand pieces.

The jazz singer who originally made his mark with covers spanning Sinatra to Eric Clapton has recently released a new album. Loaded with classic covers and an array of fresh material it doesn't disappoint.

With Valentine’s Day drawing imminently closer, I am noticing more and more the induction of slushy love album purchases. The sad thing is that on any other day of the year such music would stimulate the gag reflex rather than the 'I love you' one.

Most of the time we can all agree that love is pain but on Valentine’s Day society at large feels obliged to listen to music which romanticises the concept.

Instead of doing that I want to present Cry Me A River, a song from Bublé's latest album which reflects for me the more obvious reality of this thing we call love.

With its dramatic big band beats and venge seeking lyrics it all at once encapsulates the notion of love that exists for many of us today. This however is by no means something to be ashamed of. In fact I believe it may have been Bublé's very own love traumas which propelled him from the boy we knew before to the man that stands before us now and let me say he's quite a man!

So for those of you in a relationship or no relationship at all stop being pressured to meet the fantasy love of those Valentine’s playlists and remember a little heartache might not be such a bad thing after all.

Listen to Cry Me A River:


Friday, 22 January 2010

My Guilty pleasure = Ke$ha + her bottle of Jack!

Ever have the craving to do something bad?

Well I did and it came as quite a surprise to me. Admittedly this 'bad' thing wasn't exactly punishable by death, far from it actually. Yet I still hate myself for it or do I.

Before you jump to any assumptions, I will explain what happened and no I didn't steal or cheat. I simply listened to Ke$ha's Tik Tok on repeat. Is that really so bad?

For anyone with the slightest taste and know-how in music it should be deemed unforgivable, regardless of its no.1 US chart position.

I mean you couldn't find a more shallow lyric if you tried. And what about the artist herself, she's glorifying unlawfulness, disobedience and promiscuity. What a no.1!

The fact of the matter is however much I try to convince myself of the song's inadequacy, I only seem to fuel my obsession further. Right now I cannot go 24 hours without pressing play, does that make me an addict?

I guess until I have another love-to-hate pop track Tik Tok will continue to be my guilty pleasure. So please shhhh, I won't tell if you don't!

Listen to Tik Tok: