Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jennifer, I'm Into You

Regardless of this seemingly new trend in popular music to mix genres, namely rap and dance of late, the pairing of pop Latina J Lo with for want of a better term dirrty rap artist Lil' Wayne, still left me wondering.

Well not anymore. Since hearing Jen's second latest track 'I'm Into You' from forthcoming album Love?, I feel I can say with absolute certainty that her comeback is more than mere fluke.

After the no.1 success of 'On The Floor' ft Pitbull, I have to admit that I wasn't sure of what to expect but thankfully it seems that marriage, the birth of twins and a stint as judge on American Idol have only served to empower this diva further.

In true J Lo style, the track incorporates provocative Latin sounds and even has visual references to Latin American culture with shots of  Mexico's sacred Mayan ruins, the Kukulkan Pyramid at Chichen Itza. I think this blend of ancient and contemporary cultures gives the track particular potency. Other attractive aspects of the song include not so subtle word plays by the supporting rapper and of course a (too brief) dance section in which Lopez, as always, leaves the viewer wanting more! 

'I'm Into You', with its love drenched lyrics, earthy colors, and of course beach front visuals is a perfect summer tune. So get this season under way and listen to 'I'm Into You' now:


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