Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Carried away by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Summer is here and the inevitable has happened -speakers from Edinburgh to London have been taken over by those season only tracks, peppered with rhythms that take you back to the beach, where the sun was warm and the tanning oil a flow.

But what if you're not on a beach somewhere in the Med? Surely there must exist another sound that can evoke that summer sensation, and dare I say it, stay in our music psyches longer than the average 'summer anthem' . Well I believe I have the answer. His name is Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

I will not go into depth about a particular song of his but so far 'Atlas Hands', 'Box of Stones', and 'Pictures' are all of equal standing. With a warm almost haunting voice, his songs have the ability to take you away to those long summer evenings, walks in the park, over heated journeys, and my personal favorite-encounters with old and new friends.  

So instead of jumping on board the traditional Ibiza themed playlist this summer, why not give into Benjamin's still hopeful, still dreamy tracks-as only winning summer tunes should be.

Listen to Benjamin Francis Leftwich now:

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